Terri Hamelin – Conceal and Carry Instructor Assistant

Terri Hamelin, who grew up in Nebraska, has been familiar with firearms all her life. With two law degrees under her belt, she excels at clarifying Nebraska’s complex laws concerning purchasing, using, and possessing firearms, among other crucial legal regulations for firearms. Terri frequently practices shooting with an AR-15, 9mm pistols, 40mm rifles, and the Serbu Firearms 50 Cal RN-50. She is passionate about instructing others on proper firing techniques, shooting stances, and the legalities of owning a firearm in Nebraska. For nearly four years, Terri has been involved in teaching CCW classes with American Conceal and Carry, and she is currently exploring opportunities in competitive shooting.

Terri demonstrates exceptional skill when shooting the Serbu Firearms 50 Cal RN-50. She emphasizes the importance of steady breathing and a disciplined trigger finger as essential factors for consistently hitting the target.


Additional Training: NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting, USCCA Courses, Antiterrorism Awareness Training, Nuclear Terrorism and Health Effects, Nuclear Protection, Theater Specific Antiterrorism Training, Medial Effects of Radiological and Nuclear Materials, Radiological Terrorism, Nuclear Weapons and Radiological Devices, Radiological and Nuclear Incident Response, Nuclear Detection Equipment.


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