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The staff took the time and answered all of my questions that I had when I called. They made me feel very comfortable and at ease when we did the range test also. Very professional company, and I had such a great time taking the CCW class! Thank You!!
Ashley T.

I highly recommend this Conceal Carry course. Everything was taught in a clear and professional manner and I had a wonderful time! Wouldn’t have gone anywhere else!
Kc G.

Knowledgeable staff, very informative and loved my experience. I would recommend to anyone looking for CCW Class.
Preston H.

Awesome class with knowledgeable staff. Would recommend to anyone looking to obtain a CCW.
Jake J.

The class was very easy to follow. The instructions were clear and it was very low stress!
Mindy B.

Knowledgeable and friendly staff. Patiently answered any and all questions by students. I’d recommend anyone looking for a carry permit to choose this class.
Mitch D.

Very knowledgeable staff and learned a lot!
Ron D.

Very informative and easy to understand. Would recommend to the first time shooter.
Shellie R.

Jamie is a good instructor. And the team is friendly. He was able to translate the CCW laws in plain English, which helped a lot.
Andy B.

This was an amazing class. Terri and Jamie are an awesome duo, made the class interesting and easy to understand. Range time was very professionally done; explained everything and we’re there for you with any questions. Thank you so much for what you do.
Lynn W

Great staff. Knowledgeable of firearms, safety and the laws. They make it quick and easy!

Todd G.

Great instructor. Great support. Highly recommend!
Bill G.

Great experience. Very down to earth and understandable very positive instruction. Thank you!!!
Paul S.

Very professional class. They’re thorough in how they conduct the class and answer every question professionally and honestly.
Aaron W.

Highly recommended! The staff was very well organized and extremely professional. We had a great time and learned a lot!
Mike S.

The CCW class was well organized and the staff was very knowledgeable and was able to answer all of my questions.  Should of taking this class years ago!! =) Great Job!!
Katie B.

Explain and demonstration was clear, nice experience.
Canady M.

Great instructors highly recommend for this team!
Po T.

Instructors were knowledgeable and friendly.
Nathaniel D.

They were friendly and taught me a lot, showed me a lot of things that I never had experience with it. and I felt comfortable with them. And if you guys wanna get your CCW this is the best place to go and fair price.
Abdi H.

Instructor was great and made sure we understood everything ! 100% recommended!
Destinee W.

Amazing and friendly instructor! Answered everyone’s questions and I would 100% recommend!
Jocelyne A.

Jamie and Terri were great with this ccw class. Great instructors with amazing personality. Highly recommend going to see them.
Courtney H.

Great instructors well led CCW course.
Scott H.

Great class and awesome instructor to learn from!
Jeremiah D.

Great class, I would recommend for both veteran shooters as well as beginners. Professional class with plenty of knowledge among the instructors. The range they use is top notch!
Trevor D.

Great team of instructors! They kept our attention the whole time and I feel prepared to safely carry a firearm.
Holly B.

The class was informative and the instructors were awesome. I reccomend them to anyone wanting there CCW permit.
Randal B.

Wonderful class. Great instructors Jamie and Terri Highly recommended!
Chris W.

Very friendly and knowledgeable!
Jacob S.

Jamie was very professional and eager to teach us the skills and techniques that were needed to become licensed.
Shekita L.

Great instructor, very informative information!
Melissa B.

Thanks for the clear and concise class. Just what I needed!
Jeremiah L.

It was very informative course, light atmosphere, with a good instructor that ensured everyone understood clearly what we were going over.
Zoe L.

Very happy I found you, thumbs up,awesome class!
Vexry V.

They made it interactive. Some humor added in and kept you engaged. Great instructors.

Great course! We learned all of the necessary information needed to obtain our CCW. They provided a safe and comfortable learning environment and would 100% recommend to anybody looking to take a conceal and carry class!
Staci A.

Awesome experience! So much fun! Makes beginners feel very comfortable!
Kristen K.

Professional instructor very knowledgeable and relates real life experiences to what you may experience while conceal carrying. Would recommend to anyone needing a CCW class.
James S.

This was a very informative class and the instructors were very helpful. Great experience. From several hours away and they worked with me and allowed me to get everything done as quickly as possible.
Jackson M.

Awesome and informative class. Jamie a very calming and instinctive instructor and he and Terri make a great team for instruction!
Pat S.

The class was very informative! Low pressure, professional and Jamie was an amazing instructor. I highly recommend American Conceal and Carry!
Michael S.

Class was professional and very informational. Highly recommend.
Michael D.

Very good class. Informative and real world examples. I would highly recommend this CCW class for any level.
Kathy T.

Great class! Very informative and interactive. Great people and a great experience.

Great class, very informative, Jamie keeps everything very easy to understand and entertaining at the same time.
Caleb G.

Our instructor was easy to understand and made the class entertaining at the same time, he made sure we all understood the content clearly, I would recommend to friends and family .
Luis M.

Very informative and fun class. I would recommend this to anyone.
Max L.

Jamie did a great job and made me feel very comfortable as a female in his class.
Tammie T.

What a great experience. The CCW classroom experience was very good and a low pressure atmosphere Jamie is very good at what he is doing for the students.
Harry T.

They were very helpful and entertaining. Highly recommend!
Kelli B.

The class was very informative and Jamie made it very fun and inviting! Highly recommended to everyone wanting to further their knowledge and get their CCW!
Jacob W.

Excellent course. Very informative well taught. Instructor kept everything interesting I would highly recommend them to anyone.
Douglas R.

Great class to help you obtain your CCW.

A. R.

I learned so much from the class. Jamie took the time to answer all of my questions and he was very patient with me. That was much appreciated!

Anne B.

Jamie was amazing Would recommend to anyone who wants to obtain a CCW.
Shahid C.

Informative class, I recommend Jamie if you are looking in to getting your conceal and carry.

Patti K.

I loved this class. The instructor was very thorough. I highly recommend this class as the one in Omaha area to choose.
James D.

Knowledgeable and experienced. A safe and effective way to make to get licensed. Highly recommend.

Joseph K.

Great instructors, great class info and the range facilities they use are top notch.

Nick G.

This class is very informative and helped me to gain the knowledge I was seeking to enhance my personal protection skills. I walked away feeling better prepared and more confident.

AmBer J.

Class was very informative and professional. They care if you pass the class.

Michael J.

I wanted to shout a big Thank You to Jamie and Audra! The CCW class was great. Informative-fun and at the right pace. Thank you for ensuring each student had enough time-wasn’t rushed and we were all successful! I would highly recommend your class! You 2 are a great team! Thanks again KP

“The instructor was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions.”

“The instructor was clear and spoke from experience.”

“The class was organized and the instructor was extremely knowledgeable.”

“Great company with very knowable staff that answered all of our questions!”

“The practical shooting portion went smoothly as well.”

Jamie and Audra were very helpful and patient. Good place to take your CCW.
Brenda H.

Great instructor, great class, I learned a lot. No complaints here
Johnny S.

Jamie & Audra were great instructors! Jamie is very patient and great to work with!
Ashley C.

Very thorough teaching by well prepared instructors. I learned a lot and it was also a fun time at the range. Highly recommended!!!
Rob H

Great class! The instructor was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. Highly recommended!
Solid Color Puzzle

Just finished my CCW course and it was informative and fun. Jamie and Audra did a great job of explaining things in a way that were easy to understand and had the best price around! Highly recommend!!!!
Tyree S.

Very professional, but laid back enough to make everyone feel comfortable. The drive was short with nice country scenery. You are also close enough to go to Two Rivers afterwards. I really enjoyed it and it is the best price I found. Ty Jamie and Audra.
Angie A.

The staff was very friendly and took the time to answer all of my questions that I had. The class was organized and the instructor was extremely knowledgeable. The range was nice and clean and the American conceal and carry staff kept everyone organized so the shooting part of the class went very smooth and safe. Anyone looking to take your conceal and carry I truly recommend using them!!!
Challengers Fitness

The instructor was clear and spoke from experience. My coworkers and I really enjoyed the class, and anyone looking to take the CCW class this is the place!! Great Job!!
Consider It Sold

Very professional company. Good learning environment. Very friendly!
Rafael S.

Very good class!! interactive and interesting!! Very recommended!
Dusin A.

Just finished the class and has a great time. Was at the right pace-right location and right instructors! Keep up the great experience. Anyone interested in taking a ccw should look into their class! Thank you!
Kelly P.

A solid class for those looking for a concealed carry. The instructor (Jamie) is informative and will share examples from his past experience. He maintained a fun class and was open to discussion and questions. The law section will always be dry, but Jamie does a good job breaking down the legal jargon into terms I was able to understand. The practical shooting portion went smoothly as well. The class was broken into small groups so we weren’t an unwieldy mass at the lanes, and the instructions were given to create a calm environment. I would definitely recommend American Conceal and Carry for the concealed carry course.
Chris H.


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