Self-defense is a topic often associated with firearms, particularly handguns. The U.S. Supreme Court recognizes defense of person and property as a valid exercise of one’s constitutional right to bear arms.23 Nebraska law allows for the use of force, including deadly force, to protect oneself, another, or one’s property.24

Deadly force is defined as force used with the purpose of causing or creating a substantial risk of causing death or serious bodily harm. Firing a firearm in the direction of another person or at occupied vehicles constitutes deadly force.

The use of force is justified if an individual believes it is immediately necessary to defend himself or herself against unlawful force by another.

The use of deadly force is justified if an individual believes it necessary to protect himself or herself or another against death, serious bodily harm, kidnapping, or sexual assault compelled by force or threat. Deadly force is not justified if the individual initially provoked the situation or can avoid using deadly force by retreating, by surrendering possession of an object to a person exerting a claim to it, or by complying with an order to abstain from doing something which the individual has no right to do.

Deadly force is justifiable for protection of property under two scenarios: (1) To prevent someone from unlawfully taking possession of one’s home; or (2) to prevent an arson, burglary, robbery, or other felonious theft or property destruction, when deadly force has been used or threatened and not responding with deadly force would expose anyone present to substantial danger of serious bodily harm.

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