Nebraska Handgun Purchase Permit

Thinking about Purchasing a Handgun in Nebraska?

Nebraska has developed an alternative background check system for the purchase of handguns. The Nebraska system requires a prospective purchaser to first apply for and receive a handgun purchase certificate from the local chief of police or sheriff.
Applicants must pay a five-dollar application fee.
The local law enforcement agency then conducts a background check on the applicant.
With some exceptions, individuals cannot purchase, lease, rent, or receive transfer of a handgun in Nebraska without this certificate.
The exceptions are:
• Federally licensed firearms dealers;
• Individuals acquiring antique handguns;
• Persons authorized to acquire handguns on behalf
of a law enforcement agency;
• Temporary transfers when the transferee remains
in the line of sight of the transferor or within the
premises of an established shooting facility;
• Transfers between a person and his or her spouse,
sibling, parent, child, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, or
• Holders of a valid permit under the Concealed
Handgun Permit Act; and
• Peace officers.
Your Nebraska concealed handgun permit will also act as the Nebraska Handgun Purchase Permit. Click on the link to learn more! Or give us a call at 402.953.1624


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