Nebraska Concealed Carry Class – July 29th 2023


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Nebraska Concealed Carry Class (CCW Class)

Seats Are Limited And Fill Up Fast!
Dates: July 29th 2023
Class Room
Location: Yutan, NE
Location: 15 minute drive from our classroom facility
Time: 9:30 A.M – 5:00 P.M.
Any Questions Call: 402.953.1624
***The range that we use has a separate $20.00 fee
that you will be responsible for paying***


The American Conceal and Carry CCW course is approved by the Nebraska State Patrol and meets all the requirements for you to receive your Nebraska Concealed Handgun Permit that is recognized in 34 US States.

This course taught by Jamie Kadavy, a Military weapons expert, NRA Certified Pistol Instructor and certified Nebraska Concealed and Carry Instructor.

The CCW course was designed to accommodate the lowest level of experienced personal with firearms. It will provide training and education not only on firearm safety, Firearm nomenclature, Nebraska state laws, but for Americans intending to use a handgun for self defense against those who would do you, your family, or others harm.

At the end of the class there will be a written test that you must pass with a minimum of 70%

The practical assessment part of the CCW class will be at the range. We recommend that you bring 100 rounds of ammunition for this part. And you bring your handgun with a dominate hand outside waist holster. You will also be required to have safety glasses that you can shoot with, along with ear protection.

You will have 30 rounds to complete this part of the Class.

Six shots at 3′
Two rounds per command to fire.
One repetition must be from a concealed draw.

Twelve shots at 9′
Two rounds per command to fire.
Three repetitions must be from a concealed draw.

Six shots at 15′
Two rounds per command to fire.
One repetition must be from a concealed draw.

Six shots at 21′
Two rounds per command to fire.
One repetition must be from a concealed draw.

You are required to get at least 70% of these shots on a standard FBI Q Target (22″ x 34″) to graduate the CCW Class.  Shots are not timed, safety and shooting accurately are the most important on the range.  

3 Attempts Are Allowed To Meet Minimum Standards.

***** As A Bonus ****
We will be joined by Brian from the USCCA to help educated us on having the proper legal protection if you have to defend yourself or your family. As well as continuing your firearms training after this CCW class and Self-Defense Education. We at American Conceal And Carry are members of the USCCA and this is a great opportunity and a needed level of protection along with your CCW.

What if I have questions about the CCW Class?

You can call us at 402.953.1624 or E-mail us at any time and we would be happy to answer them.


Do you offer discounts for the CCW Class?

Yes we do, we have discount codes for Military, Fire and Rescue, and Senior Citizens.  Call us at 402.953.1624 or E-mail us at to receive the code that you can apply on our website.


What happens after I sign up for the class?

  1. You will be E-mailed a confirmation of your secured seat for the CCW class.
  2. You will be E-mailed a link on the American Conceal And Carry Website to fill out some required information for the class.


What information will I need to fill out with the link that I will be sent after I sign up for the class?

We will require this information to be filled out before the class:
•  Full Name
•  Date of birth
•  Age (Must be over 21)
•  Gender
•  Complete Address
•  Phone number
•  Drivers License Number


I don’t live near your Conceal And Carry Classes, are you willing to travel to my location?

Yes we do, call us at 402.953.1624 or E-mail us at for more information.


What do I need to bring to class?

•  Clear safety glasses that you can shoot with
•  Ear protection.
•  A valid Nebraska driver’s license, ID card, or military ID
•  A notepad and something to write with
•  Wear something appropriate to draw from a side holster. (Lose T-shirt, Jacket, Vest, other)
•  100 rounds of ammunition
•  Bring your handgun with a dominate hand outside waist holster, the holster needs to cover the trigger
2 Clips for your handgun
• For the range, have your handgun in a case or bag until your in the designated area.


What if I don’t have my own handgun?

The handgun that you bring doesn’t have to be yours,  it can be borrowed from someone that you know.  We do offer our handguns for rent if your taking our CCW Class.  Just add the Nebraska Concealed Carry Class to the cart and add it in the You may be interested in section below your items.

Will there be a break for lunch during the CCW class?

If at all possible we try to have a working lunch during the class.
But if needed we can take a break for lunch, and their is a convenience store 5 minutes away from the class if you did not bring anything to eat.


Do you offer private concealed carry certification classes?

Private concealed carry certification classes are available for groups or corporate clients | Please contact us for rates and availability.


What is your cancellation policy?

We require that if you cancel or re-schedule you give us a minimum of 5 days prior to the start of a class and you will receive a full refund or credit applied toward future classes.

If you cancel or reschedule 3 days or less in advance will result in forfeiture of 50% of payments and fees.

For cancellations 2 days or less and “No-Shows” will result in forfeiture of 100% of payments and fees. There will be no rescheduling or moving you to the next class.

American Conceal And Carry reserves the right to cancel any course offered due to safety issues with weather, and unforeseen circumstances outside of our control. If this happens, all students will be notified by E-mail and if possible all students will be called if the class has to be canceled. All students will receive a full refund or credit applied to another class.



What will I learn during the class?

• Fire Arm Safety Rules
• Types Of Handguns
• Handgun Nomenclature
• Types of Safety Mechanisms
• Types Of Ammo
• Selecting Ammo
• Factory New Ammunition VS. Reloaded Ammunition
• Inspecting Ammo
• Ammo Storage
• Avoiding Lead Contamination
• Basics Of Shooting
• Determine Dominant Eye
• Two Handed Grip Semi-Automatic Pistol
• Pistol Help With Proper Grip
• Two Handed Grip Revolver
• Aiming
• Breath Control
• Hold Control
• Trigger Control
• Follow-Through
• Loading And Unloading Of The Handgun
• Shooting Positions
• Types Of Stoppages
• Clearing Pistol Stoppages
• Pistol Cleaning
• Cleaning Safety Gloves / Equipment
• Concealed And Carry Techniques
• CCW Holsters
• CCW Methods Of Carry
• Pistol Using And Storage
• Gun Owner’s Responsibilities
• Gun Owner’s Responsibilities Child Safety
• Pistol Locking Devices
• Situational Awareness
• Avoiding A Criminal Attack
• Conflict Resolution
• De-escalating A Situation
• Decision Making / Shoot, Don’t Shoot
• Use Of Force – 28-1406 To 28-1416
• 28-1407. Justification; Choice Of Evils.
• 28-1409. Use Of Force In Self-protection
• 28-1410. Use Of Force For Protection Of Other Persons.
• 28-1411. Use Of Force For Protection Of Property.
– 28-1412. Use Of Force In Law Enforcement.
• Terroristic Threats – 28-311.01
• Assault 1st – 3rd Degree – 28-308 To 28-310
• Federal Law – Title 18 And 27 USC
• State Statues 28-1204 To 28-1204.01
• State Statute 28-1201 To 28-1212.02
• 28-1204. Unlawful Possession Of A Handgun; Exceptions; Penalty.
• 28-1204.01. Unlawful Transfer Of A Firearm To A Juvenile; Exceptions;
Penalty; County Attorney; Duty.
• 28-1204.02. Confiscation Of Firearm; Disposition.
• 28-1204.04. Unlawful Possession Of A Firearm At A School; Penalty; Exceptions;
Confiscation Of Certain Firearms; Disposition.
• 28-1207. Possession Of A Defaced Firearm; Penalty.
• Handgun Purchase Permits – 69-2401 To 69-2426
• Registering Your Handgun
• Contact With Law Enforcement Offices And Emergency Medical Personal
• Unauthorized Places To Conceal And Carry
– Nebraska Revised Statute 69-2441
• Approved States
• Locations You Can Apply To The State Of Nebraska For Your Ccw Permit
• Required Documents – DL, ID Card, Or Pass Port And CCW Certificate
• Permit Eligibility Meet And Maintain Requirements For CCW Permit
• Obligations Of A Permit Holder
• Penalties For Providing False Information, Or False Evidence
• Reporting Injuries And Damage Caused By Firearm Of Permit Holder
• Change Of Name Or Address
• Lost/stolen Or Damaged Permit Replacement


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